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梅英美術學校由張梅英女士創立于1999年,位于美國加州硅谷,是一所培養及鼓勵對繪畫有興趣的學生的美術學校。常年招生(5歲-成人)。爲了能夠讓 每一個學生都得到全方位的照顧與輔導,我們教師與學生的比例爲1:5。 我們教授油畫,素描,鋼筆畫,水彩畫,中國畫以及雕塑等等。我校還特別爲申請專業美術學院的學生安排了專業性的課程。除此之外,每年的6月到8月開設暑期課程,包括風景寫生,人物寫生,靜物寫生和工藝等。我們的每一位教師都是出色成功的畫家,期待與他們的學生分享。
Meiying Art Studio was founded by Ms. Meiying Zhang, in 1999, located in San Jose California, We are an art school that is dedicated to those who have an interest in art. Open enrollment is all year round (5yrs. old to adult). In an effort to ensure the quality of our classes, we keep our teacher to student ratio at 5:1. Meiying Art Studio offers oil painting, graphite drawing, watercolor painting, pen & ink, Chinese painting, sculpture and more. Every year from June to August we also have week long summer camps in various subjects, including landscape painting, portrait drawing, still life painting, arts & crafts and much more. All of staff are talented artists looking forward to sharing with their students.